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Words from Julissa-

"As a single mother of 2 I understand the unique challenges of parenthood and know firsthand what it is like to struggle, to doubt yourself and lose your sense of identity.  I want all parents to know nothing comes easy and everything requires work. 

As a mother, a parent support and a community member I am committed to helping other parents rediscover their identity and gain the courage, strength and resilience to achieve their goals drawing from my own experiences as well as providing support through proper mentoring, resources and education from our talented team members to help build resilience and secure brighter futures.  Having a community that also understands the mission will allow single parent households to rise up and pursue their ambitions."

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My Story

RIC B.P.S. Student Helps Single Parents Find Safe Haven | Rhode Island College

​I am A WOMAN, I am a Single Woman who is a single mother to a boy and a girl. I am a Single mother who is a worker, a student, a daughter, a granddaughter,  a sister a niece , a friend and I am a coach.

 I am a LEADER who once had to follow to be able to lead the way for others to find their light. I want to be able to support community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts.

       "Imagine what we can achieve together."

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